At The Market

What’s in Season?

New items in season all the time. Please check back soon.

SNAP/EBT Guidelines

The St. Cloud Area Farmers Market SNAP/EBT program will again be running strong in 2017!

EBT shoppers will be able to once again purchase $1 or $5 tokens. These tokens will be used to purchase any SNAP eligible food items. Debit and credit cards will also be accepted at the EBT booth to purchase tokens.

The EBT/Food Stamp Process for Customers

Decide on the amount you would like to spend. Then have your card swiped at the EBT/Information booth in the center of the market. There is no fee to use EBT. Redeem tokens valued at $1 or $5 for use at all stalls displaying the “We accept EBT” sign. When the purchase amount does not equate to a whole dollar NO change will be given. You can spend tokens right away or you can save them for another trip to the market.

Cash refunds can not be given.

What can I buy with EBT tokens?

Vegetables, fruit, dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, bread, cereals, jam, syrup, honey, rice, grains and dried beans, pickles and packaged pastries. Cold wrapped and packaged edible items. Also seeds or plants that produce food can be sold (ex: tomato or cilantro plants).

You will NOT be able to purchase: flowers, shrubs, fresh cut flowers, decorative plants, fall ornamental plants, pumpkins, non-edible plants, non-food items, hot or cold immediately consumable foods, pet food, soaps, paper products, crafts or clothing items, fountain drinks hot or cold to include coffee & tea.

Vendors will not exchange tokens for U.S. currency.